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Why do you need Nootropics to unleash your brainpower?

Nootropics aka Smart Drugs are synthetic alternatives to naturally occurring brain chemicals that enhance mental abilities. Prescription nootropics like Modalert have significant impacts on alertness and memory. This is the reason why people want to test the limits of their brains.

You’ll be surprised to know that 25% of students at leading universities in the UK take prescription smart drug Modafinil.

The main intention to use these smart drugs is to enhance cognitive performance. However, many argue that caffeine and cocaine are nootropics too, but significant risks are associated with their overdose. In case if you’re planning to take one anytime soon then take this blog as a brief guide. We’ve sorted some very popular smart drugs that will help you learn a bit more.

Nootropics & its effects on Cognitive Abilities

The term ‘nootropic’ is derived from Greek which means ‘to shape or bend the mind’. You can simply conclude that nootropics are the drug that enhances memory power, boost creativity, improves decision-making skills, and optimizes overall brain functions.

After learning all such good things about nootropics, you may wonder who needs it the most. Well, people wanting to unleash their brain-power to the fullest, willing to live limitlessly, and expecting more out of their wakefulness want to use smart drugs.

For instance, people suffering from shift work disorder may be prescribed Waklert. It is preferred with an intention to stay focused, prevent accidents at the workplace, feel relaxed, and have everything under your control.

Nootropics are linked with alertness, focus, decision-making, and energy. Smart drugs like Modalert 200 are chosen to extract such benefits because they have fewer side effects. After all, who will not like to test the limits of their brains and nootropics come in handy.

5 Best Nootropics or ‘Smart Drugs’ to Swear by

  1. Forskolin & artichoke extract

This nootropic is a safe, popular, and non-prescription drug for improving learning and memory functions. In a nutshell, Forskolin turns your smart mode on and you drive mental endurance and agility.

Forskolin is considered to be more effective if combined with artichoke extract which gives a significant boost to memory power, learning, and motivation.

Let’s not lie that this nootropic may give you headaches and energy-drain as its effectiveness drops. But, you may feel safe that it is not a habit-forming one. 

Before you take Forskolin, consult your doctor and ask them if you’re doing right. You’ll get an intense boost in mental and physical abilities after using this smart drug.

  • KetoPrime

It is one of the most powerful nootropics you will ever use. KetoPrime has unique composition because of its oxaloacetate content which forms a protective shield against environmental toxins.

Your question should be ‘what environmental toxins do?’ and we have the answer. Pesticides are the common environmental toxins that trigger the brain to release glutamate. If too much glutamate production happens in your body then it starts killing neurons.

Only one KetoPrime dosage in the morning is enough to give that extra boost to your brain.

  • Modvigil

Do you want to be more focused, motivated & improve memory? Ask your doctor about Modvigil. It is ideal for days when you want your brain to keep running. In other words, this smart drug gives you the energy you need as a biohacker. Your cognitive performance will leave you surprised as you start using this nootropic. Similar effects are observed after using Artvigil.

It interferes with dopamine release of the brain and boosts dopamine production. Modvigil decreases dopamine reuptake into nerves for treating narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work disorder.

  • Neuromaster

It is a smart drug that is formulated from the coffee-fruit extract. Neuromaster increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels more than you can boost after exercising. BDNF is associated with neuroplasticity and the creation of new neurons that aids in memory and focus improvements.

Neuromaster is very helpful because it fills the loss of memory as you age. It is thus useful for both short and long-term use. This smart drug is available as an oral solution usually consumed as 1 cap with or without food.

  • L-theanine

Theanine is meant for promoting relaxation, arousal, and alertness. L-theanine is the key content of green and black tea. It works in sync with caffeine. When L-theanine is consumed in combination with caffeine, it increases memorization, reaction time, and mental endurance.

This nootropic is available as a soft gel capsule in 200mg strength. It is usually consumed with morning coffee or during nighttime. Find out your correct dosage after consulting the doctor.

Two Cents

Nootropics may make you feel like nothing has changed when you start using them. As weeks pass by, you’ll witness the change and likely the side effects too. While using nootropics or smart drugs, you’re manipulating the natural body mechanism. It has anti-aging cognitive benefits too. Smart drugs have the major drawback of making you feel depressed. So, make sure you have essential details beforehand.

It may seem like a shortcut to swallow a pill and live the superman life. However, some health risks are definitely associated with Nootropics and it takes medical guidance to find out a smart drug that fits your needs.