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5 Greatest Accomplishments In Joe Montana’s Career

There have been many legends of the NFL over time, Brady, Eli and Payton Manning, but let us not forget about Joe Montana, there is much to say about Joe Montana. But what he had was a lot of power. 

He had recognition and the ability to see everything there was on the field. He could position oppositional teams to the death and change the odds to win Super Bowl in the blink of an eye. 

He would keep the ball alive and always moving forward. He had a career pass rate of 93.3, with 40,551 passing yards, 8 pro bowls and all in the 15 seasons he played in. 

But who was he, and what would we rank as his 15 best accomplishments? It’s time to find out! 

Who Is Joe Montana?

Joe Montana was picked out by the San Francisco 49ers in the 3rd round of the 1979 NFL draft. He played both for the 49ers and for the Chiefs. 

He was a master of making later game comebacks, managing to direct his teams to a total of 31 comeback wins in the 4th quarter of the game in the time of his very illustrious career, which included a 92-yard drive. 

His ability to bring teams back from total defeat was so incredibly common that everyone just started to know it as “Montana Magic”. He won the NFL’s titles in passing, in 1987 and 1989. He also topped the NFC, passing on five occasions in 1981, 1984, 1985, 1987, and again in 1989. 

He also passed over 300 yards in a single game 39 times, as well as this, on 7 of those occasions he went over 400 yards. His 6 300-yard passes made in the postseason are actually still, to this day, an NFL record. 

Montana also owns the career playoff record for touchdowns, completions, attempts, and yards gained in passes. 

11 times Montana managed to lead his team into the playoffs. He also managed to capture 9 divisional championships and gained victories in Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and again in XXIV. 

He got 3 MVP honors in Super Bowls XVI, XIX, and XXIV. He was also named All-NFL 3 times over and then ALL-NFC 5 times over. 

So, with all these achievements, how on earth can we choose his 5 greatest accomplishments? 

Well, there are some moments we found to stand out the most above them all. 

#1. Bounce Back From Injury

Montana played well in 1985, he turned in an awesome performance. He threw for 3,653 yards, and made a total of 27 touchdowns, but sadly it was just not enough to get the 49ers to the Super Bowl. 

Sadly, in the first round of the playoffs they were knocked out of the game by the Giants 17-3 in a brutal decimation. 

The beginning of the following season was brutal as he had a back injury which was thought to maybe see the end of his career, however, he returned to the game in only 2 months and then went on to win the division title.

#2. 1989

In 1989 Siefert took over coaching for the 49ers, it was an amazing year for Siefert, Montana and the 49ers. Montana actually managed to complete over 70% of his passes. 

He managed 3,541 yards and 26 touchdowns, which powered the 49ers to the playoffs once more. 

The 49ers disposed of their opponents with a total score of 126-26 in a brutal win. They made it to the Super Bowl. He led the 49ers to the Super Bowl for a landslide victory 55-10 against the Broncos. 

This saw Montana get the team 5 touchdowns, and he received his 3rd Super Bowl MVP.

#3. 49ers vs Giants

Montana was hoping to meet another opponent at the Super Bowl the following year, and he made it so. They completed a great record in 1990 of 14-2 during the regular season. He provided a great deal of help, as he threw a career high 3.944 yards all together. 

He also made 26 touchdowns. 

Then with only 9 minutes to go in the NFC championship, the 49ers led the Giants by 13-9, but then Montana broke his finger in a tragic turn of events. 

Young ended up taking over the ball, he performed very well, but then a fumble made by Roger Craig ended up giving the Giants just what they needed to end up taking home the Super Bowl that year. 

#4. MVP 1990

Joe Montana was not an MVP just once, but he was MVP in 1989 and 1990 again. The Associated Press named him to be the NFL MVP after the incident in the game against the Giants. 

#5. Sportsman Of The Year

In 1990, Joe Montana also gained the Sportsman Of The Year award from Sports Illustrated. While he had many awards throughout his career, he made this one in an impressive fashion. Considering how difficult the 1990 game had been for the 49ers, he definitely deserved the MVP award and Sportsman Of The Year award.