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Animekisa: watch online anime subbed and dubbed

About Animekisa:

Animekisa is a platform where people go to search and watch free anime. Unlike other websites, Animekisa has a small number of ads. Animekisa is

A site where you can watch subbed and dubbed anime. Anime is derived from the English word animation. Anime is hand-drawn or a computer

Animation originating from Japan.

FAQs about Animekisa:

As everyone knows, this website has shut down. Due to some specific reasons this site had shut down.

People ask many questions related to the Animekisa website. Here we will discuss some of these questions and we will tell you about the reasons.

What is meant by subbed and dubbed in Animekisa?

There are two options which are subbed and dubbed. Many people ask what is meant by subbed and dubbed?

 Subbed anime means subtitled Anime and dubbed anime means that the voice actors are speaking in English not Japanese.

What was the reason?

Here is the reason:

Animekisa had been receiving up to 20 million visits per month but the users of this website preferred not to watch lots of ads.

This website switched to a donation model but when the users of this site failed to donate, this site was forced to switch itself.

What happened to it?

Animkisa’s domain appeared in late 2018 but it took many months. The site began to grow. Animekisa sought to fund itself by donation.

“Help us to keep us running ad-free” the old read, indicated the target of $150 per month and donation thus far of $60.

The monthly target was never reached but in common with many similar platforms. In other cases, ads are enough to keep a site alive

But the users of Animekisa preferred not to view ads. So as a result, this site had blocked.

Is Animekisa safe:

Animekisa is a famous site that had its own great popularity as one of the best and safe anime streaming websites.

Why is Animekisa shut down?

Animekisa has gained great popularity but the users of Animekisa don’t like to pay and don’t like to view ads.

Response of people:

After the shut down of this site many people react to it. People really become very sad after listening to the news that this site had been blocked.

28 similar sites like Animekisa:

As this site has been blocked, people want to know about more sites that are similar to this site. So we have found some similar sites like

Animekisa. May, these can help you.

1.       4anime.to

2.       Animekisa.com

3.       Animeseries.io

4.       Animesim.com

5.       Thewatchcartoononline.tv

6.       Animeheaven.ru

7.       Aniwatcher.com

8.       Wcoanimesub.tv

9.       9anime-tv.com

10.   123animes.mobi

11.   Vidstreaming.io

12.   Gogoanimehub.tv

13.   Wcoanimedub.tv

14.   Chia-anime.me

15.   gogoanime.vedio

16.   animego.com

17.   gogoanimehub.com

18.   kissaanimefree.xyz

19.   gogoanimeplay.net

20.   watchkissanime.co

21.   animeok.net

22.   animeultima.eu

23.   anime-planet.com

24.   probookies.com

25.   gogoanime.movie

26.   gogoanimes.ai

27.   kononime.eu.org

28.   stackanie.com