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Genshin Impacts New Chronicled Wish Characters

Genshin Impact just added a new Chronicled Wish Banner system that allows you to pull for older characters like Diluc, but there’s a catch – You can still lose the 50/50s and it uses Intertwined Fates. But, if you like to buy Genesis Crystals and if you’re still interested in pulling for these characters and/or weapons and want to get their constellations because they either look cool or you find their gameplay enjoyable, read on for brief descriptions on each of them.

Eula – The Physical Damage Monster

Starting off, we have Eula – our Physical/Cryo mommy. Eula is a pretty niche character and isn’t high on the priority of most players, but she has one of the coolest playstyles in the game and can be built to deal insane amounts of damage.

Mona – The Enigmatic Astrologer

Next up is Mona, and she is our resident broke Mage. While always in need of more Mora, this young mage doesn’t lack in the damage department. She’s used for most showcases of damage because of the way her Burst interacts uniquely with other characters’ skills and attacks, and she has a pretty useful passive too with which she can easily traverse water.

Albedo – Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius

Then we have the discount Edward Elric – Albedo. He can only use one element, and that’s geo – but he is also an Alchemist of high regard, not only that – but similarly to Edward’s brother Alfonse, Albedo was created by someone else. He’s used as an off-field Geo DPS, but now that Chiori is out… he’s really been left in the dust.

Klee – The Spark Knight

The mischievous Klee is up next. This little rascal likes bombing and fishing, and can you guess what she uses to fish? Yep, it’s her Jumpty Dumptys, which is a cute name she’s given to her weapons of mass destruction. Don’t let her cuteness fool you, though. She’s pretty scary as an on-field Pyro DPS.

Diluc – Master of the Dawn Winery

Diluc. Is there really more that needs to be said about this stoic, edgy, Claymore-wielding, Pyro character? In a way, you could say that Diluc is actually the poster child of Genshin Impact since he’s the first character that most new players immediately want to pull for – and now they can! He’s a pretty strong unit with very cool animations, and he boasts the strongest plunging attack damage in the game – which you can now use with Xianyun!

Jean – The Acting Grandmaster

And finally, we have Jean – The Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius. She is an Anemo healer and the only character who can send enemies flying with her elemental skill in the direction she wants. A pretty decent Anemo unit and healer.

Should you pull for any of these characters?

Well, we wouldn’t really recommend Albedo, Eula, Klee, nor Jean – but if you like their designs and think they’ll be fun to play, go for it. However, Diluc and Mona are pretty good characters and can be used in a variety of different teams.

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