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Best Seafood Restaurants In Permas Jaya (Johor, Bahru Malaysia)

Permas Jaya may be a small town in the state of Johor, but the variety of seafood delicacies here is enough to tantalize your taste buds. From crab to many types of fish, you can name what you crave and it’s always ready to serve!

Here are some seafood restaurants I recommend for you to go on a seafood hunting trip once you arrive in Permas Jaya.

1. Seafood at Senibong Bay

If you are a typical Chinese-style seafood lover, always craving for finger-licking seafood delicacies, then you must go to Senibong Bay Seafood. With its striking all-black container architecture, Senibong Bay Seafood is a seafood restaurant that serves customers halal Chinese seafood delicacies as well as unique Chinese home-cooked dishes.

Upon arrival at the seafood restaurant, you are welcome to view their wide variety of live seafood such as hard shell crabs, shrimp, fish and catfish in a display aquarium near the kitchen. Here, you can choose your favorite seafood to be cooked by the kitchen according to your cooking preferences.

One of the most recommended seafood dishes at Senibong Bay Seafood is their chilli crab. Cooked using the freshest crabs they can get from Senibong Cove, each guest can savor the natural sweetness of the crab in the flesh of each crab in chilli sauce. The taste of the chili sauce is not overly spicy, but instead tastes slightly sweet and salty in the semi-thick chili sauce. It’s not very spicy, and it goes well with white rice.

In addition, Senibong Bay Seafood also specializes in lobster and prawn delicacies. It is said that Senibong Bay Seafood offers the cheapest lobster and prawn delicacies in Senibong area. There are a variety of shrimp and lobster dishes such as golden salted egg shrimp, lobster salad, cheese lobster, etc. I believe it will be difficult for you to decide which shrimp and lobster dish to eat.

Most of their guests usually come back for herbal sauna prawns. This shrimp dish is really succulent and full of herbs. During preparation, live tiger prawns are marinated in Chinese wine, angelica and goji berries in a bamboo basket. It is then steamed on a hot stone to squeeze out all the shrimp and Chinese herbal essence, giving the soup a sweet and salty taste. This particular menu item is best served warm, especially on a rainy day, as the soup may warm you up.

Not much to say, Senibong Bay Seafood’s Volcano Chicken Pair with Vegetables Consomme Soup is also famous. This unique chicken dish will amaze you when it’s served. It comes with a whole grilled chicken skewered over a sizzling hot pot filled with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and various ingredients. Roast chicken is then brushed with the seafood restaurant’s “secret recipe” and lit to mimic a volcanic eruption.

2. Boss Lee Restaurant

With its eye-catching store name, Boss Lee Restaurant really makes everyone wonder how the store got its name? Well, the reason is very simple. It is because the restaurant owner’s surname is “Li”. For the sake of easy identification, he named his seafood restaurant “Boss Li”.

Boss Lee Restaurant has 20 years of culinary experience and has won many Asian and international food awards. He even established Yijia Seafood Company and two other branches of Boss Lee’s Restaurant in Johor.

With a centralized kitchen, the food at Boss Lee Restaurant is highly maintained, they even invent new dishes from time to time and update them on their official website for customers to try. All their dishes are based on modern cuisine and are unique both in recipe and appearance.

One of the signature dishes at Boss Li’s Restaurant is their Chef Li Seafood Pot. Their seafood pot contains hairy crabs, prawns, vegetables, sashimi, mussels, scallops, and even fruits. A bowl of seafood soup is also a combination of spicy, sweet and sour, addictive with every bite. Best served warm, this seafood feast serves 4 to 5 people. Besides, you can also choose the spiciness of this seafood pot according to your preference.

For something lighter, you can try their Oriental Grill-style American oysters. This simple dish is made with oysters imported from the United States, grilled with garlic, special sauce and various spices. Dip in Boss Li’s special homemade chili sauce, which has a unique taste and endless aftertaste. This dish can also be served as an appetizer to start your seafood feast.

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