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Should You Pay for A Custom Website Design or Use A Template – Benefits to Both

Having a website is one of the most crucial things you need to do for your marketing campaign in the digital world. A website will enable you to reach a bigger audience, and you’ll have less limit to how far you can grow a business. Building the perfect website takes time and effort; at times, design skills.

When they get to the point they want to build their website, the one question most people have is, should you use a custom design or a template? Each has its benefits which make them unique and attractive; here are some benefits of both.

Custom Website Design

The first thing you think of when building a website is a creative sense. Here, you may need to go for a custom design as it brings your imagination to reality. It is more of your baby, a vision that you come up with and bring to life in the end.


  • You get to custom the target to the company and target market
  • Built to SEO from the beginning
  • Ongoing support that the web company offers
  • Test the site for all devices and browser types

If you get the right company for the job, you won’t have to worry about a lot when it comes to your site, as you can see. You can go for expert website design from King Kong to build a site that’ll work to your specific needs and vision.

There are reasons why the large businesses have custom designs as they set a tone for the theme needed for the site. If you want to generate more business through your site, the best idea you can go for is a custom site.

If you are going to design a website for your business, a custom design is the best idea to build with your business in mind. The only downside you have to deal with when using this idea is that it will take longer, be more expensive, and take up much time – during and after building.

Template Designs

If you have no sense of adventure or want to get your site dashing, this is the way to go. It offers you a chance to follow from other people’s ideas and these are the benefits


  • Faster to market
  • Not expensive
  • Industry-specific themes
  • Access to plenty of third-party applications

The best thing you can think of is themes when looking at templates. If you have no idea how to create themes, you can get plenty of them with this idea. You won’t need to develop an entirely new concept of the site, which can take up more time than you’d want to spend.

Know What You Want

Before you go for any design type, you need to know what you want. When you want to build a site for your small business, you know what to go for and what you need for a large company. It may give you an idea of what you can use for your site in the end.