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Eva Birthistle Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth

Eva Birthistle is an Irish actress, well-known for her spectacular acting in Ae Fond Kiss (2004), Imagine Me & You (2005), and Brooklyn (2015). Eva was born in April 1974 in Bray County Wicklow, Ireland. Eva is one of the most famous and talented actresses in Ireland.

Eva Birthistle Personal Info

Eva Birthistle was born in 1974, and she is around 47 years old as of 2022. Eva belongs to Catholicism, and her nationality is Irish. Her height is above 5 feet 4 inches, and her weight is around 61 kg or above. Eva belongs to the white ethnicity and has long blonde hair, and her eye color is light green, which increases her beauty and makes her different.

Eva Birthistle Family and Relationship

Eva Birthistle married an actor Raife Patrick Burchell on 31 December 2006, and their marriage did not go too far and divorced after some time. She has two children, Joni Birthistle and Jessi Birthistle.

Eva didn’t share any information about her parents and siblings on screen.

Eva Birthistle Early Life and Education

Eva Birthistle was born in Bray County Wicklow, and she grew up in Derry and Catholic, where she completed her education at Foyle College. Eva was passionate about acting and filming from childhood and wanted to be an actress.

After education, Eva followed her passion and moved to Dublin, where she studied acting and performing at The Gaiety School of Acting. After studying acting, she started practicing her acting skills by performances and worked very hard.

After working hard, Eva finally got a role in a television series, Glenroe, in 1997, from where her acting career began. Later, Eva played many roles in films and television series and became a successful actress in Ireland.

Eva Birthistle Work

Eva Birthistle started her work as an actress in 1997, and she made her appearance through her second movie, All Souls’ Day, in 1997. Eva worked on more than 50 film projects, and here is the list of her work.

  1. Glenroe (1997).
  2. Drinking Crude (1997).
  3. All Souls’ Day (1997).
  4. The Wonderful World of Disney (1998).
  5. The American (1998).
  6. Getting Close (1998).
  7. DDU (1999).
  8. Making Ends Meet (1999).
  9. Borstal Boy (2000).
  10. Saltwater (2000).
  11. Red Rum (2000).
  12. Coolockland (2000).
  13. In Deep (2001).
  14. Sunday (2002).
  15. Holby City (2002).
  16. Trust (2003).
  17. Mystics (2003).
  18. Silent Witness (2003).
  19. Timbuktu (2004).
  20. Ae Fond Kiss (2004).
  21. The Baby War (2005).
  22. Breakfast on Pluto (2005).
  23. Imagine Me & You (2005).
  24. Poirot (2006).
  25. Middletown (2006).
  26. The State Within (2006).
  27. The Martyr’s Crown (2007).
  28. Nightwatching (2007).
  29. Save Angel Hope (2007).
  30. The Last Enemy (2008).
  31. Rembrandt’s J’Accuse (2008).
  32. The Daisy Chain (2008).
  33. Reverb (2008).
  34. The Children (2008).
  35. Ashes to Ashes (2009).
  36. Wake Wood (2009).
  37. The Crossing (2010).
  38. Five Daughters (2010).
  39. The Rendezvous (2010).
  40. Waking the Dead (2011).
  41. Strike Back (2011).
  42. Day of the Flowers (2012).
  43. Case Sensitive (2012).
  44. Life’s a Breeze (2013).
  45. The Psychopath Next Door (2013).
  46. Amber (2014).
  47. Noble (2014).
  48. Vera (2014).
  49. Here with Me (2014).
  50. Brooklyn (2014).
  51. Swansong (2015).
  52. The Circuit (2016).
  53. Delinquent Season (2018).
  54. The Bisexual (2018).
  55. Fate: The Winx Saga (2021).
  56. Behind Her Eyes (2021).
  57. The Last Kingdom (2022).

Eva Birthistle Net Worth

Eva Birthistle is an actress, and it is the only source of her income. Eva’s net worth is approximately $2 million or round above.

Eva Birthistle Twitter

Eva Birthistle is active on Twitter, where she posts her photos, videos, and words. Eva has more than 2k followers on her Twitter account as of 2022.

Some Facts About Eva Birthistle

Here are some facts about Eva Birthistle.

  • Eva is around 47 years old as of 2022, and she celebrates her birthday in April.
  • Eva gained fame through her role in Ae Fond Kiss in 2004.
  • Eva has worked on more than 50 film projects, and she is one of the most famous actresses in Ireland.
  • Eva married Raife Patrick Burchell in 2006, and they divorced after some time, and they have two children.
  • Eva’s nationality is Irish, and her net worth is above $2 million.