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Katharine Hepburn Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth

Katharine Hepburn was an American actress who worked for more than 60 years in films, stage, and television. She was well-known for her spirited and independent personality, and she was a leading lady of her generation.

She was born to Thomas Hepburn and Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn on 12 May 1907, in Hartford, Connecticut, United States. She died on 29 June 2003 at 90, in Fenwick, Connecticut, United States.

Early Life and Education

Katharine Hepburn dropped out of Oxford School because she was a shy lady in childhood, was tutored privately, and completed his early education. She had done his graduation from Bryn Mawr College in 1928, and in college, she drew herself into acting.

She performed in several college plays and a lead role in The Woman in the Moon and received a positive response. She played many short roles in theatre and then finally got her first Broadway success in The Warrior’s Husband in 1932.

She was made his Hollywood debut in the RKO film A Bill of Divorcement in 1932, and the picture was a success and got positive reviews. She started her successful acting career journey through the role in Little Women in 1933.


Katharine Hepburn had two sisters and three brothers. She married Ludlow Ogden Smith in 1928, which no go too far, and divorced in 1941. Katharine had no children. She belonged to a good family, her father was a urologist, and her mother was a feminist campaigner.


Katharine Hepburn worked for more than 60 years as an actress, and she was the leading lady of her generation. She did more than 100 roles in theatre, television, and movies with her spectacular acting.

Katharine Hepburn In Movies

Katharine Hepburn started her work in movies in 1932 through her first debut film, A Bill of Divorcement. Katharine earned fame and reputation in 1933 through his role in Little Women.

She worked in more than forty feature films in her whole acting career, and here is the list of some most famous movies of Katharine Hepburn.

  1. Little Woman (1933)
  2. Morning Glory (1933)
  3. Alice Adams (1935)
  4. Stage Door (1937)
  5. Holiday (1938)
  6. Bringing Up Baby (1938)
  7. The Philadelphia Story (1940)
  8. Woman of the Year (1942)
  9. Undercurrent (1946)
  10. Song of Love (1947)
  11. State of the Union (1948)
  12. The African Queen (1951)
  13. Summertime (1955)
  14. The Rainmaker (1956)
  15. Deskset (1957)
  16. Suddenly Last Summer (1959)
  17. Long Day’s Journey into Night (1962)
  18. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967)
  19. The Lion in Winter (1968)
  20. On Golden Pond (1981)

Katharine Hepburn In Television

Katharine Hepburn started his work in television in 1973, and here is the list of her television films.

  1. The Glass Menagerie (1973)
  2. Love Among the Ruins (1975)
  3. The Corn is Green (1979)
  4. Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry (1986)
  5. Laura Lansing Slept Here (1988)
  6. The Man Upstairs (1992)
  7. That Can’t be Love (1994)
  8. One Christmas (1994)

Katharine Hepburn In Theatre

Katharine Hepburn started her work in theatre in 1928 through her first play, The Czarina. She played more than 30 roles in theatre plays and did spectacular acting.


Awards and Achievements

One who works hard always gets a reward, and Katharine Hepburn has earned more than 50 awards for her spectacular performances, and here is the list of her awards and achievements.

She won many other awards, like the People’s Choice Awards, Critics Awards, Festival Awards, for her acting.

Some Facts about Katharine Hepburn

Here are some facts about Katharine Hepburn.

  • Katharine Hepburn was born on 12 May 1907, and she died on 29 June 2003 at 90.
  • She was also known as Katharine Houghton Hepburn.
  • She was a leading American lady actress who worked for more than 60 years.
  • She married Ludlow Ogden Smith.
  • Her Nationality was American.
  • She won the Academy Awards (Oscar) four times.
  • Her net worth was $30 million at the time of death.
  • Her height was 5 ft 7 inches.
  • She had done more than 40 feature films.