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Top 4 Music Streaming Services for Your Smartphone 

Today there is no need to resort to illegal ways of listening to music, as several companies provide access to online music services at an affordable price. Here are the most convenient platforms.


The most popular music streaming service in the world is confidently holding the bar for quality. Moreover, thanks to the tangible competition, it continues to evolve. For example, late last year Spotify added lyrics, which gradually fill the playlists, and also announced a free upgrade to lossless-format recordings. For these decisions we have to thank Apple, which gives its users the highest quality audio files for free, which spurs others to develop.

The free version gives the user the ability to listen to any tracks and playlists. The user is deprived of the following premium features: saving files to a cache for listening without the Internet, remote control of devices and individual track recommendations.

One of the unusual features of the premium version is the ability to share a playlist with another user, to share playlists with friends/family and to fill them together. What’s more, you can find the most specific playlists created by users. There are even eSports betting lists created by experienced players, and these tracks will definitely help you dive into the game.

Apple Music

It’s a streaming app from a world-famous brand that is available not only on their devices but also on gadgets by other developers. For new users, the first 3 months of subscription are free.

The design of the Apple Music app is clear and user-friendly, the animations are smooth and look cute on both iOS and Android. There is a built-in karaoke mode and built-in source selection.

The music selection algorithm sometimes misses the mark. If you listen to the most diverse artists, you can not notice it, but in the case of the same type of music the result looks a little strange.

YouTube Music

The music service from one of the most visited sites in the world is steadily gaining momentum. YouTube has everything, so it’s easy to find even the most unusual and niche songs.

YouTube Music is the most loyal to the user both in terms of music search and in the context of free provided functions. You can listen to unlimited music, save songs, create playlists, and do everything the same as in the paid version. Limitations apply primarily to saving files to cache and listening with a locked screen.

You will be pleased with the selection of recommended artists, available even in the free version – when registering you choose one artist, and YouTube immediately throws up a few similar ones, from which you can also choose a few, targeting the selection of tracks as much as possible. The algorithms for finding new music is slightly inferior to Spotify, but only slightly.


Deezer provides maximum audio quality for an additional fee. The free version is available in MP3 320 kbps, but in the maximum subscription you can get CD quality.

Deezer gives you the ability to listen to any track for free via desktop and web versions, but without the ability to rewind and with occasional ads and no cache saving. Most annoying, of course, is the inability to rewind, especially when it’s a 10-minute track by an old rock artist you only like a certain section, or when you’re looking for something new without being able to skip right to the intro and see what the whole track is about.

All in all, Deezer is a good choice for those who want maximum quality recordings for a reasonable price tag, but in terms of accessibility. It is possible to use the service for free, but the inability to rewind tracks, as well as the inaccessibility of many popular artists through the app, reduces the available options to a negative experience.