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Top 6 Best Hand Saw for Woodworking: 2022 Buying Guide

Whether you’re a professional craftsman or a home renovation enthusiast, you’ll need a sharp and robust hand saw. A hand saw is one of the most common manual cutting hand tools. It may be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, including woodworking, carpentry, house restorations, and basic maintenance.

In its place, a hand saw is the most efficient tool. Hand saws appear to be simple tools at first glance. They almost appear to be nothing more than a piece of flexible steel with sharpened teeth and a handle. Most woodworkers who are new to hand tools, on the other hand, rapidly become perplexed while trying to figure out which hand saw for woodworking they require. However, hand saws for wood are essential for traditional furniture manufacturing, so knowing the many types of woodworking saws and how to operate them is essential.

The best hand saw for woodworking comes in various shapes and sizes these days, including coping saws, hacksaws, crosscut saws, and dovetail saws. To choose the correct saw, you must first choose what kind of job you want to undertake and how easy it is to operate.

We’ve compiled a list of the best hand saw for woodworking on the market right now. We will go over what to consider for a hand saw for woodworking.

List of Best Hand Saw for Woodworking

1. Stanley 20-045 Fat Max Hand Saw

For almost 170 years, Stanley has been the outstanding name in home and business tools, and the Fat Max Hand Saw is the ideal tool for any carpentry or woodworking activity; it is also exceptional value for money. The Fat Max 15-inch crosscut saw has a thick steel blade with 9 teeth per inch. It can cut through a variety of types of wood and plastic because it was created with Sharptooth TM technology. It’s particularly good at cutting in a straighter cut with less binding.

Working with the Fat Max hand saw is a handyman’s dream because it has three cutting surfaces that can cut up to 50% faster than traditional saws. Its “Induction hardened” teeth keep sharp up to five times longer than regular teeth, ensuring long-term durability and cutting performance. It excels at making quick lumber cuts and is sharp enough to trip 2-inch tree limbs.

Even when dealing with hardwood, gripping the hand saw is simple and easy. The strong plastic handle has an ergonomically designed rubber grip that is comfortable to hold and reduces slippage. The rear of the saw is also usable for marking 45 and 90-degree angles for quick and easy measuring, making it ideal for DIY restorations or carpentry work. Lastly, the sturdy, high-quality hand saw from Stanley comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw

This Japanese-style Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw is designed to cut through hardwood or abrasive woods like maple, oak, teak, and exotic hardwoods. It is excellent value for money because it can be used for various woodworking applications. This powerful and long-lasting hand saw has a 24-inch blade with 22 teeth per inch, more than comparable saws of the same size. Because the teeth are impulse hardened, you can count on a consistently smooth and high-quality cut.

Furthermore, the blade of this very adaptable hand saw includes rip teeth on one side and cross cutting teeth on the other, allowing it to cut through various types of wood easier. It is also usable for fine cuts and neatly against the grain, ideal for constructing elaborate furniture.

Because the blade is retained in perfect tension while in use, the Ryoba razor saw gives you that much-needed woodworking control. The soft hardwood handle is covered in bamboo for added control during the cutting process, making it simple to hold and grip on the cut and pull strokes. The steel blade is interchangeable, and it comes with a pamphlet that explains how to get the most out of it.

3. GreatNeck N2610 26-inch Hand Saw

The GreatNeck N2610 is a lightweight yet sturdy 26-inch hand saw manufactured from high carbon steel and weatherproof hardwood. So, if you need heavy-duty equipment that will cut through anything then this is it. It’s aggressive and robust enough to tackle any job at 12 TPI (teeth per inch). The teeth are easy to resharpen, and the 10-point blade edge won’t bow in usage.

Aside from blade durability and tooth count, it would help to think about how comfortable the handle is. The N2610 has a carved handle that fits various hand sizes and a natural feel to the curved grip. With a weight of only 1.65 lbs, this saw will not drag on your arm after extended use.

Furthermore, the GreatNeck N2610’s set is a little more aggressive than other saws; your cuts will be a little wider. The distance the sawtooth is bent away from the saw blade causes your cuts to be slightly wider than the blade itself, which is vital to protect your saw from becoming clogged during cutting. Among all, the GreatNeck N2610 was created in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind.

4. IRWIN Tools Universal Hand Saw

The IRWIN Tools Universal hand saw is the only saw you’ll ever need, whether you’re a DIY home repair enthusiast or a professional craftsman. The IRWIN Tools Universal Hand Saw is a super-fast cutting tool that will get you through any cutting-related operation, whether it’s detailed woodworking, carpentry, or general DIY maintenance. Its little blade makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The high cutting capability of the IRWIN Tools hand saw is one of the reasons it is such a popular woodworking tool. It boasts a high-quality design and is incredibly user-friendly.

Moreover, this 15-inch hand saw features extra sharp ‘triple ground’ teeth that cut and shred through wood three times faster than ordinary hand saws. The universal tooth grind is made to remove material quickly. Its unique design combines the speed of a coarse-cutting saw with the finish of a fine-cutting saw, resulting in a clean and precise cut. A unique water-based lacquer coating is applied to the thick-body blade to aid in delivering fast, controlled cuts. Additionally, the tapered-pitch nose enhances clearance and stabilizes the cutting operation.

The blue and yellow handle features a unique design that minimizes binding and gives full blade strokes for any cutting tasks you need to complete, from harsh cuts to delicate cuts that require more operator control. The ergonomic design of the high-density resin makes it incredibly easy to hold and reduces hand fatigue. IRWIN stands behind all of its products, and the Universal hand saw comes with a complete lifetime warranty.

5. Spear & Jackson 9515K 25″ Hand Saw

Spear & Jackson has been manufacturing saws for nearly 200 years. They continue to offer saws suitable for a wide range of applications and requirements until these days. So, if you’re searching for a more classic skew backsaw, the Spear & Jackson 9515K, with its 25-inch length and 10-TPI, is a close match for the GreatNeck N2610. Starting with its high carbon blade and finely grind teeth that cut both with and against the grain, this saw has a lot going for it.

The saw is lightweight enough for all-day use and has a comfortable wood handle with a beautiful curve. The skewback provides a typical balance and friction, so woodchoppers prefer this saw style. It excels at chopping 2x4s and ripping plywood, two chores that a circular saw makes considerably easier.

Unfortunately, after only a few days of fair use, the blade began to dull. However, teeth have not been hardened and are consequently designed to be resharpened if they become blunt. All Spear & Jackson tools come with a three-year warranty, which is one of the reasons the company has been around for almost 200 years.

6 Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw

The Shark Corp 10-2312 Carpentry Saw is a wonderful all-around “rip-style” hand saw for all types of regular cutting and also trimming operations inside or outside your property. The Shark Corp can slice through untreated wood or laminated hardwood, complete corners, prune tree roots, and carve PVC or ABS plastic tubing.

In addition, the 12-inch hand saw has a robust stainless-steel blade with 14 teeth per inch, which allows it to cut through various types of wood quickly and effortlessly. It has a natural flex for flush cutting, baseboard trimming, and molding.

The pistol-style plastic handle gives a great grip for operator control, which is especially vital if you are working on a hot day and your hands grow sweaty. The blade is also replaceable if it becomes dull. It will endure for years if you maintain it sharpened and greased. Lastly, Shark Corp provides a one-year warranty.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Hand Saw for Woodworking

Hand saws are a tool that every woodworker uses at almost any time. When looking to purchase one, there are several things that you should keep in mind to find the best hand saw for woodworking:


The teeth on a hand saw determine how quickly it cuts through wood and how cleanly it cuts. Teeth per inch is a typical unit of measurement for tooth count (TPI). The larger the teeth and the greater the spaces or gullets between them, the fewer teeth per inch. One to seven teeth per inch are found on coarse-tooth blades. The huge teeth rip part of the wood fibers, creating a rough finish. These blades can rapidly cut through large chunks of material, but not cleanly.

On the other hand, smaller teeth with fewer gullets are found in blades with 10 or more teeth per inch. The blade makes a smoother cut with more teeth per inch. However, you’ll need a lot more power to slice through the wood because you’re pulling more teeth through it. The best TPI is determined by how you want to use your hand saw.


The teeth of hand saw blades are composed of a hardened steel alloy that keeps them from dulling too soon. The forms of blades can vary greatly depending on the type of saw and its purpose, even though they are made of the same material.

Woodworking saws have thin blades that allow for precise cuts. The blade can cut in a curve without getting trapped in the wood in the middle of the stroke. Cutting on the pull stroke is also possible with carpenter saws, enhancing precision.


The blade on most handsaws has inherent flex, which means it will bend. Straight cuts might be difficult due to the flex of a saw. Saws with a thicker blade will be more robust, but cutting through the material will take more effort. On the other hand, thinner blades will bend more and go through the material faster. Some saws are intended to solve this flex issue by providing additional blade support.


Because a hand saw is operated by hand, the handle is almost as vital as the blade. It will be tough to operate and use a saw with a poorly built handle. Many saws feature ergonomic molded handles with rubberized grips to improve control and comfort.


The cutting blade is measured in length, not including the handle. A longer saw may cut through more material in a single stroke, requiring fewer strokes to finish a cut. Longer saws also produce a more consistent and equal cutting line. However, saw length is largely a matter of personal preference.


Handsaws are must-have equipment in any workshop. Having a good one makes your job more organized, accurate, and pleasant. Hopefully, our reviews have given you a better understanding of the best hand saw for woodworking available. Trying to purchase online might be intimidating since there are so many options—even more than walking into a store. With this guide, you should now know what to look for in a hand saw, giving you more confidence in choosing the best hand saw for woodworking.