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What to Do on the Plane: 8 Interesting Ways to Spend Time

There is a lot of free time on the plane, because no one is distracted by messenger messages and there is no opportunity to play on the 20Bet app or spend a few hours reading the news. But what do you do if you get bored? This is especially true on long flights over long distances.

Take a Coloring Book

These days, even for adults, there are a lot of different coloring books. They not only help pass the time, but also play the role of art therapy. You can find them in stores and on marketplaces, or download them from the Internet and print them out yourself.

Get Some Exercise

It’s hard to sit in one place for more than 6 hours, especially in a cramped airplane seat. And it’s not good for your body either.

Here are 5 exercises for long flights you can do on the plane:

  • Spinning your neck in circles, leaning to the right and to the left.
  • Shoulder lifts with arms outstretched.
  • Stretching with rounded back (hands behind head, lean forward on exhalation and back on inhalation).
  • Wrist rotation.
  • Lift up on your toes while sitting.

Start a Diary

A good way to pass the time and collect your thoughts. Describe emotions, feelings, expectations from the trip, thank people, make notes about the past day or set yourself 100 goals for the rest of the year.

Refresh Your Language Skills

If you’re flying to a country where your native language is not spoken, you can recall and even memorize a few dozen important words during your trip.

Download a mobile app for learning foreign languages or buy a phrasebook for the trip. Keeping yourself busy for 12 hours in French or Italian will be difficult, but even in a couple of hours you can get a good workout and learn some useful phrases.

Do Puzzles

This is a fun and rewarding activity. Download an app on your phone or buy a book with puzzles before the trip. These can be crossword puzzles, Sudoku, mazes, and logic problems.

Do What You’ve Been Putting off

On the plane no one will distract you. The only distractions are the flight attendant when serving food and drinks or the children in the seat next to you. But if the flight is eight to ten hours, that’s more than enough time. Read a book, describe your ideal daily routine, start writing your own course, highlight your top 10 achievements, prepare a letter for posterity, clear your phone of unnecessary photos, or watch your favorite TV show.


Take a comfortable position, straighten your back, straighten your chest, take a few deep breaths and exhales and concentrate on your body and thoughts. Meditation will help you relax and maybe even fall asleep, which is useful for a long flight.

If you’re not ready to meditate in silence, download some practices to your phone in advance and enjoy them on the road.

Take Care of Yourself

Airplanes have dry air, so it’s important to drink enough water to feel good after landing. Just imagine how dehydrated your skin gets from the air conditioning, especially if the flight lasts 14 hours.

Apply moisturizer to your face and hands during the flight, and go out every 2 hours to rinse your face, and the bravest can make a face mask. There are also a few more helpful tips:

  • Don’t drink a lot of liquids high in caffeine or alcohol.
  • Choose a healthy snack, such as fruit or yogurt, and avoid sweets and flour because they will only increase your appetite.
  • Brush your teeth and put on deodorant before you sit down, but remember that you cannot get up during the descent.

What Else to Do

During a long flight, provide yourself with several activities so that you don’t get bored.

Watch a movie, listen to music or a podcast, or read a book to entertain yourself. It will take you three or four hours. The main thing is to download everything before the flight because there is usually no Wi-Fi on the flights.

And, of course, get some sleep. When else will you have a chance to take an extra nap?