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Everything you need to know about shopping for beef jerky

Beef jerky is a fabulous snack derived from the Quechua word “charka” (dried/salted meat). The snack is manufactured from lean cuts marinated with diverse spices, and the purchasing process is tricky. Numerous brands offer the same snack, so you might find many options on the internet.

You must prefer top brands which offer a tasty yet healthy snack. For instance, Viking Beef Jerky is a hunger-squashing and metabolism-reviving snack in an exemplary package. When you order the product from such reputed stores, it is not considered junk food with sodium nitrates, artificial ingredients, and more.

Shop for healthy beef jerky

The snack is an excellent choice as there are various health benefits. You can include the snack as a part of the balanced diet which can help you lose weight also. Snack food is low in calories but has high protein and vitamins such as zinc, iron, and more. 

The drying process improves the nutritional composition. Therefore, you must buy from top brands like Viking Beef Jerky, which can supercharge individuals throughout the day. It is essential to know that some brands sell highly-processed commercial jerky with artificial sweeteners and sodium. 

Most people who want to treat their taste buds with this fantastic food can utilize the tips below.

What makes a healthy jerky?

Beef is cut into thin strips and seasoned before the drying process. This process usually takes fifteen hours, and the meat is dried at around 50°C. These products have been available in the market for several years. Lately, manufacturers have endeavored to deliver high-quality products, which remains the main reason behind beef jerky’s demand. 

You can enjoy some tasty jerkies, whether on a vacation or a break during work hours. When buying the product, it is vital to check for the ingredient quality. Make sure that snack food doesn’t have sugar, sodium, or preservatives.

Get to know why beef jerkies are healthy.

In paleo and keto diets, people desire to include more protein. This has led them to prefer the jerkies widely available in farmer’s markets and convenience stores. Before you buy the snack, get to know the nutrition facts precisely. As per the USDA database, one ounce of the snack contains nine grams of protein, 7 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbohydrate. Besides these, zinc, phosphorous, and iron are also present in the snack.

The sodium content is high in the snack, so experts suggest individuals limit snack consumption daily. As per the American Heart Association, sodium consumption is high in nine out of ten Americans. 

It increases water retention, which causes weight gain, bloating, and puffiness. Individuals who consistently consume high sodium may have to deal with various health issues like high blood pressure, kidney stones, and more.  

Choose the best beef jerky.

As high sodium content can create health hazards, you should limit consumption daily. Salt will be a vital ingredient in the snack, so keep it under 500mg per serving.

Excessive sugar consumption can also lead to several health problems, including weight gain, diabetes, blood pressure, and more. Sugar is added to the jerky for texture and balanced flavor. It is essential to keep it under three grams per serving.

Wrapping up 

As most people consume jerkies for protein, they find snacks with high-protein content. You can take up to ten grams of protein or more per serving. Several online stores offer the jerkies, but sourcing products from a reputable producer is essential.