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7 Instagram Influencer Which Will Help You to Be Fit

Making new resolutions for your body this year? Whether you want to bring positive changes in your body or live a healthy lifestyle, fitness influencers play a crucial role in keeping you on track. They are the biggest motivators and role models who can guide you to embark on your fitness journey. While most fitness influencers built their brand and substantial following on their own, many buy Instagram followers for quick fame. Either way, they share a certain amount of credibility to help you get back in shape. 

Of course, staying fit is not a simple task. It requires a lot of discipline and dedication to work out every day and achieve daily goals. This is exactly why it is important to have a fitness motivator to help you stay on track. Here is a list of the best influencers popular on Instagram who’ll help you stay fit and healthy. Have a look!

  1. Joe Wicks 

Starting the list with the fittest coach popular on Instagram – Joe Wicks. His 90-day fitness plans and short workout videos on Instagram are life-changing. The best part about Joe is that he doesn’t promote any type of crash diet or meal plans that deprive the body of nutrients. 

He believes in having a balanced diet and working out every day to stay fit. Joe is also popular on Instagram for the recipes he shares. Besides this, his regular client transformations are a motivation too. 

  1. Emily Skye 

Emily Skye is a fitness icon for women who want to lose weight post-pregnancy. Her daily workout regimens are simple to follow yet very effective to lose weight. She also posts exercise routines for pregnant mothers who wish to continue their fitness journey. 

The best part is that all her workouts are low-intensity exercises that are suitable for pregnant women. She is very realistic with her followers, as she always sets achievable goals for each client. This is the reason why she is immensely popular on Instagram. 

  1. James Haskell

Next on the list is a former sportsperson who turned into a fitness coach, James Haskell. He launched his fitness brand called the James Haskell Health and Fitness, which amalgamates nutrition with regular exercise. 

James, with his wife Chloe Madeley, a nutritionist and fitness trainer, manage their fitness brand on Instagram, helping thousands of clients transform their lives. 

  1. Lauren Drain Kagan

Lauren Drain Kagan is a pretty popular name in the Instagram fitness industry. Although Lauren is a registered nurse, she potentially works as a fitness trainer. Her passion to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle helped her take up new challenges. 

She worked hard to become a WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) Bodybuilding Pro. Lauren is a great inspiration for female fitness enthusiasts who have a keen interest in bodybuilding. 

  1. Peter Mac

Peter Mac is wildly popular on Instagram for his simplicity and effective workout routines. He has trained a plenitude of celebrities which can be seen on his Instagram Page. 

His brand PMAC Fitness is a perfect role model for people who are looking for basic daily exercise routines to lead a healthy lifestyle. His regular health tips and motivational videos are truly inspiring for those who need a kick every morning to wake up and slip into a workout routine. 

  1. Louise Green 

Louise Green is another well-known fitness trainer on Instagram who motivates people of different ages and sizes to get back in shape. Her workout videos are life-changing and break the norms of fitness. 

By promoting body positivity, she motivates her clients to get fit instead of dreaming to have a certain body type. Her realistic goals help people to feel good about themselves every day. For any of you who think fitness is not achievable, you must look at her page for some inspiration. 

  1. Cassey Ho 

Cassey Ho popularly known as Blogilates made her mark on the social media Industry in 2009 when her YouTube channel received immense attention. She soon took over Instagram promoting choreographed Pilates and core strengthening exercises. 

Cassey also has her activewear line which focuses on providing breathable gym garments for women. Her workouts are short and to the point focusing on one section of the body at once. Recently, Cassey diversified her online portfolio by creating relatable comics which gained a lot of popularity on Instagram. 


Instagram is one of the most standard social media platforms that offers a plethora of fitness influencers who are realistic and inspirational. Many influencers get Instagram followers to be popular

You can find the right trainers who motivate you in becoming a better version of yourself. Of course, the above list is a compilation of the best and the most popular Instagram influencers in the fitness industry, but there are many more that you can track on this platform. 

Have a look at the above fitness influencers and follow their methodology of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Check out their Instagram page and begin your fitness journey with the ones you feel connected with.